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The First Choice for Stairlifts 

Whether you’re struggling to get up to bed or you want to make the most of a building, you can rely on us to help you out! Our straight and curved stairlifts are installed by our team of experts. Covering the whole of the UK,  we provide an outstanding range of options, including stairlifts, outdoor step lifts, and even through-floor lifts for wheelchair users. Call GB Specialist Lifting Solutions Ltd now to talk through your options.


These are fitted directly to the stairs and can be straight or curved, depending on the stairs and can left or right hand ascending. Stairlifts generally have arm rests, footrest and seat belts attached. We fit stairlifts from:

  • Brooks Slimline DC
  • Stannah
  • Handicare

Outdoor Step Lifts

These can be fitted to most outdoor steps leading up to a house and can be straight or curved. Typically, we use Wessex for these installations!

Through-floor & Enclosed wheelchair lifts

These through-floor lifts are designed for wheelchair users to enable them to access other levels within the house/ building. Available to domestic and commercial clients, we currently fit the Wessex VM range.

We are also able to fit wheelchair platform lifts if this is something you need!

VM Lift Liberty 3 Enclosed Lift

Want to Reclaim Your Upstairs?

Make your journey upstairs easier with our range of straight and curved stairlifts.

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